Located in Greenville, SC, Barkley Reserve is a dominant force in the marketing and sales industry. We are growing rapidly due to our commitment to tangible results and ethical business practices. We’ve expanded to Raleigh, North Carolina, and are excited to help our client’s brand continue to grow! Our company represents industry-leading telecommunication and fiber optic clients. These world-renowned clients hire Barkley Reserve because we are able to effectively bring them long-term, profitable customers.

At Barkley Reserve, our expertise and training focus on two main areas: communication and entrepreneurialism. More than just training intricate product knowledge and sales techniques, we teach our team the art of conversation from the most basic to understanding hand gestures and eye contact. We show our team what being an entrepreneur is about and how to balance one’s drive and desire to succeed without burning out or spreading oneself too thin.


Direct Sales

Barkley Reserve’s marketing and sales representatives meet with specific and qualified customers across the Greenville and Charleston market, acting as the direct representation of our clients’ brands. We do all our sales in-person because it allows for clear communication and avoids misunderstandings. Our face-to-face approach creates a personalized experience that has proven to increase customer satisfaction.

Personalized Marketing

Rather than implementing indirect marketing strategies such as billboards or TV commercials, Barkley Reserve executes a personalized marketing approach by only interacting with our clients’ target customers face-to-face. This brings the highest possible return-on-investment and has proven to be the most effective marketing medium.

Customer Acquisition

Since all of our marketing and sales presentations are delivered in-person, we are able to effectively demonstrate the benefits of our clients’ products and services. This, in turn, sparks new sales and leads to long-term customer retention. Barkley Reserve increases sales quickly with dramatic results.

Career Advancement

As our client list continually expands, so does the demand for our services and the need for leadership. For this reason, Barkley Reserve has created a Management Development Program that allows its sharpest people to quickly ascend the corporate ladder and begin a rewarding career built on sound business principles.

Brand Awareness

Not only do clients hire Barkley Reserve to market and sell their products/services, but they also hire us to promote their brand to a specific consumer base and cultivate a strong rapport with customers. Our goal is to create awareness through direct marketing that ultimately leads to consumer sales.

National Expansion

We are committed to expanding our clients’ brands into multiple new locations each year. To ensure this outcome, we are adamant about working with the highest integrity and communicating authentically with our clients’ customers. Our team members are provided with continuous advancement and have the opportunity to oversee a new market on behalf of our clientele.


we are proud of



“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson


Entry-Level Account Manager

Barkley Reserve is seeking a candidate who finds it easy to connect with people quickly.


Management Trainee

Becoming a Management Trainee signifies the start of ongoing career development.


HR & Recruiting

At the core of our company is our HR team; they are the glue that holds us together!

Our Mission

Barkley Reserve is dedicated to providing the highest quality of direct marketing to our clients and growth to our team with the utmost integrity and dedication.

Our Vision

Through an exceptional marketing and sales management team, we will provide the most professional and productive sales campaigns for our clients.

Our Promise

Barkley Reserve promises to uphold innovative ideas, superb client service, and career opportunities and growth potential to individuals of all backgrounds.


& testimonials

Cooper Brown

Barkley reserve is a place where the atmosphere is highly conducive to big results and lots of development. I’ve worked alongside Cole and the Barkley Reserve team and I’ve had nothing but great experiences. Barkley Reserve is a place where motivated people will have lots of success.

Amanda Landry

I've had the pleasure of working alongside the sharp and dedicated team at Barley Reserve for quite some time now. They are a group of goal-oriented and like-minded entrepreneurs. Cole and his team at Barkley are pace-setters in the Greenville area.

Emily Francis

Working with the team at Barkley Reserve has been an amazing experience. If you’re looking for growth and a great environment, they know how to bring it. It’s a great company dedicated to success inside and out! If you’re looking for a company that will bring as much to the table as you will, here is where you need to be!

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